Conventional Cash Out Refinance

pexels-karolina-grabowska-4386442A great way to take advantage of your home equity is to apply for a cash out refinance. With the cash out refinance, you can payoff high interest debt, student loans, college tuition, and/or cash can be used for much needed upgrades to your home. By accessing your home equity through a refinance, your mortgage payment may even remain the same or only increase by a very small amount. The key benefits with this loan product are to have an overall monthly savings by consolidating debt, upgrade your home, or use cash to purchase another property.
We have helped many homeowners close their refinance in just 21 days from start to finish. In addition, your first mortgage payment post refinance will be between 45-60 days and you can expect a refund of whatever money your have within your escrow impound account approximately 3-4 weeks after closing. In summary, this is a great way to meet or exceed your financial goals. We are here to provide you a competitive rate and flexible terms.